Jet Washing & Restoration

Protect your driveway or patio from looking tired and drab by calling in the experts on Freephone 0800 474 8955.

Your driveway especially is the first thing that you and other people see when approaching your home or business. Other than improving the kerb appeal of your driveway, it makes a lot of sense to maintain it as well as can be expected to add years of life to the existing installation and therefore to protect your initial investment. Take a look at our list of restoration services that Nottinghamshire Drives are proud to be able to offer:-


If you have any other concerns over your existing driveway or patio that is not listed above, then please call in the experts at Nottinghamshire Drives. We welcome all enquiries, whether large or small, and offer a free site visit to discuss your concerns and for us to come up with a solution.


Bring your tired looking driveway or patio back to life with a thorough professional clean. Get rid of weeds, algae, slime and oil and restore it to its former glory. Talk to our family run team of experts at Nottinghamshire Drives about our jet washing service on Freephone 0800 474 8955

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