Tarmac Driveway Re-Surfacing

Tarmac is a suitable material for your driveway installation. It is also commonly used for highly trafficked areas such as forecourts, car parks, school playgrounds and private roads.

Nottinghamshire Drives are experts in installing tarmac driveways with the latest quality bitumen and making sure that the preparation of the driveway is firstly clean and free from organic matter to avoid the surface from developing cracks.

Tarmac drives can last for years and years if laid correctly, so call in the experts at Nottinghamshire Drives on Freephone 0800 474 8955

Advantages & Disadvantages of Tarmacadam - Durability

When laid properly, tarmacadam is a durable, reliable and smooth surface which is relatively easy to repair – although patch repairs will always be visible and it will often look better if the entire area is re-surfaced.

It can degrade under UV light causing brittleness, cracks and pot holes. Additionally, diesel spillages will spoil a tarmac driveway

Of all the different types of surfacing which can be used to construct a driveway, tarmacadam is considered the budget option, especially when compared to block paving, or pattern imprinted concrete. However, whilst large areas can be economically resurfaced the cost of using tarmac for a small driveway can be comparable to the more aesthetically pleasing block paving


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